Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Keeping hands clean.

We started the week with a really neat visual experiment to help the students understand how effective soap can be at fighting germs. The soap helps to break up the germs so they can be washed away.

To a bowl of water we added cinnamon. It quietly sat on the top of the water representing germs. Ximena dipped her fingers and the cinnamon (germs) stuck to her fingers. Ximena then cleaned her hands and rubbed soap into her fingers. She then placed them into the bowl.

Look at the 'germs' moving away!

And like magic the cinnamon was pushed to the side of the bowl keeping her hands clean and crisp. The looks and gasps of wonder were wonderful! It has been brilliant. We now understand why washing our hands is the best way to keep germs away. We have had a week of hand washing conga lines and the scent throughout the classroom is something else!

If you'd like to try this experiment at home here is Nano Girl with a demonstration (we used cinnamon instead of pepper).

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