Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Learning about Kaitiaki tanga

As part of our inquiry in Tautoru we have been discussing and sharing ideas around Kaitiaki tanga. We are investigating what and how we can make a change in our classroom and at school.

"We could plant more trees for the birds."

After our visit to the zoo we have begun exploring the school grounds to identify what we could do to improve our school environment for not only the students but the wildlife.

"We could fill in the holes at top grass so that it is safe for playing games."

The students have come up with a list of amazing ideas that we will investigate further in the coming months. Here is just a few

Growing grape vines to make juice.
Bringing hives to make honey.
Pond for tadpoles and fish and for birds to drink from.
Bird houses and feeders.
Use the planter boxes for flowers or things for animals to eat.
More sand in the sand pit.
Toys to play in the sand pit.
Paint more games on the concrete.
Swings on the trees.
Tree huts.
More equipment like sticks and tyres to play with.

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