Monday, 30 October 2017

Wind Power

Today we started our inquiry into the power of the wind.

Here are some of our first ideas about wind;
Trees sway in wind
The sun pushes the wind
Wind makes windmills turn and that generates energy
Yachts move in the wind
Wind can help birds fly
Paper planes need wind to fly
Wind can go in different directions
Big planes push wind backwards
Wind has energy
Wind can cause trouble

Wind blows things away

We then headed outside to fly our paper planes. We flew them from somewhere high, with different degrees of force, and also into the wind and with the wind.

Some of our initial questions about wind are;

Is wind made out of something? - Can we make wind?

Where does wind come from?

How does wind create energy?

How is wind created?

How fast can wind blow?

Does wind ever stop?

Can you weigh wind?

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