Tuesday, 25 July 2017

We got a bit muddy....Soil Experiment!

On Monday we did two soil experiment with Wanwan's reading groups.
We did it to find out whether our soil is healthy for planting.

In the first experiment we found our soil has a pretty good pH level.

We dug some soil out and mix with a little water and baking soda - this is to find out whether the soil is acidic or not. If the mixture fizzes it is acidic.
We mixed the other one with vinegar; if it fizzes then it is alkaline.
If there isn't any fizz well it's balanced!

Experiment 2 we wanted to find out what kind of soil we have.

We dug out some soil and rolled them up (like play dough) we tried to bend the soil into a doughnut shape.
It the "dough" fell apart that means there are too much sand in the soil. That's not great for the nutrient when it comes to growing plants.
It the "dough" is to sticky like a clay, that's not great for growing plants either. We want a loamy dough!
Do you know why?

Both experiment above were from the book Play in the Garden by Sarah O'Neil.

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