Thursday, 15 February 2018

Growth Mindset and Maths

We have all (teachers included!) been learning about how we can use a growth mindset to face new challenges and develop a positive attitude toward math. We have discussed how changing the language we use can help us overcome challenges and that making mistakes is actually a good thing because mistakes help us learn!

According to Carol Dweck, growth mindset is all about "building the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed". We have talked alot about how using our characters strengths of perseverance, bravery (taking a risk) and teamwork (sharing ideas with others) can help us to improve our understanding in maths.

We are growing our minds in math by using Number Talks to share our ideas about how a number is made up of other numbers. Each base group has been exploring different dot patterns and sharing strategies of how we found the total number of dots. 

-How did you see the dots?
-Can you count them in groups?
-What does the equation look like?

By recording our thinking we can learn new strategies from our peers that we might try to use on the next number talk.

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