Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Music Festival

The Cool Music Festival By Griffin

I listened for Matthias’s warning and then I started. BANG! I rolled my ball around the pot like a tornado.  Lily shouted “Dragons, dragons!” for the battle to start.  “How would I keep the ball in the pot?” I thought to myself. I kept the ball going slowly but I knew I had to go faster. Suddenly my ball flew out of the pot nearly hitting Ella!. I found it just in the nick of time as the music started for our battle performance.  Joni started and Raffy did too.  When it got to one minute Pippa, Gina and Alex started.  The battle started. Me and Ollie bashed the pots together six times. Once the battle was over it was time for the sad part and that was the last performance.

Have you ever done seven performances in one night?
by Eden

There I was standing on the stage with everybody looking at me for my school performance. I didn't know that everybody could fit in the school. I was so nervous before I heard the bell ring. Now it was time to start.  

I started to dance, clap and sing. I heard the next part and started to drum. Then it was time to dance together in slow motion.  I saw Edward get the spaceship and I knew it was time to move towards the ship.

Then we finished I was so proud of myself. But as I heard the bell ring I was really sad it had ended.  I finally saw my Mum and Dad  and I was so proud of myself.  

I felt happy to be in bed and I slept like a bear.

Dragon Attack

I was about to perform at school. It was Tuesday night and I was awake later than I usually am. Fifty eyes were watching me because the parents were watching, including mine.
It felt like I had butterflies in my stomach.I heard people chatting to others but the  audience were very patient. I was waiting to start for a long time. I heard a buzzing noise in my ear and it felt like my brain was about to burst to bits.
I liked smashing the buttons in the battle scene. My heart was pumping crazily. I stood as still as a lizard once it was all finished.
I was excited through the show because I liked playing the instruments. I was really happy because I was performing. It was really fun and exciting.
That night I was really proud of myself. I went to bed straight away because it was a very late night.

By Hunter T

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