Saturday, 3 September 2016

Mystery Skype with Fergusson Intermediate

Today we did a Mystery Skype.We talked with a school.We were trying to guess which school it was by asking questions. It was an intermediate school. We figured out that it was in Upper Hutt. They figured out where was our school first. It was awesome!
Fergusson was really, really clever school.
By Leola and Charlotte

Today at school we did a Mystery Skype and we had to guess what the other school were.

We found out that they were in New Zealand.
They were in Upper Hutt.
They were an intermediate school. They are Year 7 and 8. 
They are in the south of the north island. 
We are learning how to ask good questions. We had to ask good questions to find out their location.
We figured that they were Fergusson Intermediate school. 
By Cruz and Will

Today we did a Mystery Skype with a school. At first we did not know who it was but then we did. You want us to tell you how we did it? We guessed where the other school was and asked them questions to find out.  It was Fergusson Intermediate School. We prepared questions beforehand. We had to answer yes or no and then we did a video chat it was fun.

By Greta and Georgina

When we did mystery skype we first asked if they were in New Zealand they said "yes".

They found out that we were Worser Bay first.
They were Fergusson Intermediate School.
By Matilda

We skyped a different school and guessed where their school was. The other school was in Upper Hutt guessed the name of our school first.  We guessed some of the things near their school.      
We liked skyping with their school in Upper Hutt. That  school was very clever. Their school was different to our school and we still liked skypeing them.
By Molly and Violeta

Today we made contact with another school and tried to guess which school they guessed ours we lost but it was still awesome! We looked on google maps and we were so close to winning but unfortunately a very clever kid looked at nicola’s name and looked 
it up and found out what school we were. It was really fun! I want to win next time.
By Nela and Phillipa

We had a Killer whale mystery skype today with Fergusson Intermediate School. We learnt that they live in Wellington, Upper Hutt. They are one of the two intermediate schools in Upper Hutt. The time went fast.We took turns asking yes or no questions. They were clever and searched Nicola's name and found Worser Bay school :( It was awesome.
By Dylan and Jupiter

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