Saturday, 10 September 2016

If Poems

Art by Yoshi
We read a poem called "IF" and as a reading response we wrote our own poems:

If the sea was purple and the clouds were pink and yummy,
if the sun was green would everything be green too?
If trees were chocolate would it taste like chocolate too?
What if the birds were rainbow and cats were Orange?
By Violeta and Georgina

If skies were Black
How wood we see?
What if the grass was pink?
It would change the world.
If the trees were gold?
By Greta

If cheetahs chirped
It would be berserk
If blue were red
Then bookbags would be dead
Choclate gold
Hairy bold
By Jupiter

If sun sets were white
And skies were green,
What colour would trees seem?

If dolphins were orange
And sea turtles were red
Would they have to change their name?
To red turtles?

What about watermelons?
If they were purple?
What would happen?

If coconuts were pink
And bananas were grey,
Would everything be the same?

I’ve known orangy pinky sunsets,
Grey dolphins and more
So if the colours were bored and switched around,

I wonder what the world would be?
By Charlotte and Leola

If clouds were blue
And crabs were yellow
Turtles were purple
The trees were plastic
that will not be fantastic
Caves were orange
Floors were caravans
And pigs called inky
We call them stinky.
Maybe ghosts were not invisible.
Flies were gold.
Paper was a cape-flying paper.
By Will J

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  1. I enjoyed your poems. There were some interesting 'ifs' I liked the way you linked them to colours. Here's one for you
    If the light turns green you go,
    If the light turns red you stop,
    But what would you do
    If the light turns blue,
    With orange and lavender spots?
    Shel Silverstein (my favourite poet)