Saturday, 17 September 2016

Down the Back of the Chair

We were inspired to write "Down The Back of The Chair" poems after looking at the Mahutonga Blog. They did such a great job and we thought that we could do the same. 

We read the story by Margaret Mahey story, then we wrote our own poems and recorded them on Seesaw. Here are some of them...


This is the shared poem that we wrote together: 

A fox, some blocks and polka dots
A plane, a train an airport lane
A mat, a bat and hairy cat
Down the back of the chair

A chair, a bear, pink underwear
A king, a ring, a chicken wing
A queen, a bean, a magazine
Down the back of the chair

A can, a man, a chinese fan
A dog, a log and a spotty frog
A cat, a mat, a stinky rat
Down the back of the chair

An orange peel, an electric eel
Some diamond rings, emerald things
A kung fu Kangaroo,
A sparkly old high heel shoe
Down the back of the chair

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