Saturday, 17 September 2016

Dot Stories

Dot Art by James

We have been telling our own Dot Day stories...

The Love Heart by Eden

In art class Rosey had a blank sheet of paper. The teacher lent over and said “ah a snowstorm”.
Rosey said “I can’t draw”
“Yes, you can” said Mrs Tom “ here make a mark and see we it takes you”
“Ok” said Rosey and she made a swell shape on one side and then she made another one on the another side of the paper and made a love heart.
Mrs Tom carefully studied it and said “sign it” so Rosey signed it and the next day Rosey saw her love heart on the wall above Mrs Tom’s desk. It had a gold swirly frame around it.  
Rosey said to herself  “I can do better than that, so Rosey opened her water colors. She made heaps of love hearts and different coloured love hearts. Rosey got famous for her hearts.
A boy said “you’re really good at drawing. I wish I could draw like you”
Rosey said “you can” so she gave the boy a blank sheet of paper. and Rosey said “make a mark please, just see where it takes you” so he made a mark and signed it.

The Zigzag by Cruz

Once at art class there was a little boy who didn't how to draw. His name was Hank.Hank was stuck to his chair. The art class teacher said “make a mark and see what it looks like” and hank hit the pencil onto the paper. It made a zigzag. The teacher carefully looked at the zigzag… Tomorrow at art class, he saw his zigzag in a diamond picture frame.

The Mark Dot by Talia
One day I was drawing for the contest but I couldn’t draw a heart. I panicked because my friend Kirsty said I couldn't draw a heart once.
My brother, Alastair  said to me "you can do it!"
Kirsty gave me a piece of paper and a pen.
I  shook my pen and I tried my best. I could draw a heart. I won the contest.
So that means you can do it too.       

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