Sunday, 21 August 2016

Spanish with Maria: Supermercato

We have been learning different food types and what to say at the supermarket. You can learn some Spanish songs here:


  1. Tautoru Students
    What a fantastic experience and opportunity for you to be able to learn Spanish as part of your learning. I think that learning things related to the Supermarket would be a really useful idea make sure that if you were there you could do important things like get food! Do you have regular lessons? Have you ever Skyped a class that speaks Spanish?

    Thank you for leaving a comment on our class page in South Taranaki. We really appreciate the time that your teacher took to leave a comment and we will be sharing it as a class tomorrow morning. It is interesting to see that you have been learning some of the same things that we have in our classroom. Have a great week everyone.

    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

    1. Hello Mr Webb,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog. We can choose to do spanish on a Friday afternoon. It is a regular lesson for us. We sing songs and learn new words. No, we haven't skyped a school that speaks Spanish but we would like to. Good idea!

    2. Molly Thanks for taking the time to explain that further. I think its a really good idea that you learn Spanish. I asked my class about how many Spanish words we knew and who spoke Spanish, some children knew a few words from watching Dora the Explorer, but no-one really knew anything. I was only thinking that you could Skype someone who spoke Spanish as a way to practise. We used to Skype other classes and Schools and help them with Maori Language when I (Mr Webb) was at my last school and we found that to be really good.
      Mr Webb