Monday, 22 August 2016

Junk Bots Aliens

The music performance is fast approaching! 

Things that we think are going well:
  • Molly: We have got some of the dance moves  spot on e.g. the patting on shoulders
  • Eden: The electricity bit looks good. The star jumps also look good. 
  • Angus: The costumes are awesome!
  • Reuben: I like the drumming. We are in time. 
  • Dylan: The electricity and the drumming look epic.
  • Edward: The flying saucer looks great!
  • Izar: The slow motion part looks cool. 
  • Jasmine: I like the bit where we go crazy (dancing)
  • Theo: I like it when I shout, "parents join in!"


  1. wow so mad cant wate for the show

  2. I like the junk bots play. I have had lots of fun being part of this. Reuben

  3. did you put 20 ndls in nostrils. by reuben