Wednesday, 30 August 2017

We think it was the Olympics training day.

On Tuesday we had a day to grow our muscles and use our growth mindset.
This is part of our Inquiry to experience being active and ways to make our body stronger.

Here are some comments from Tautoru:

Nye: It was super because of all the new sports we learnt!
Cameron: It was fantastic because I got to learn how to play floorball.
Otto: It was unbelievable because we get to do so many cool sports.
Zac: I cried because I tripped over a hockey stick and landed on my face, but I got up.
Scott: I found tip-tapping in futsal difficult because I kept tapping it too hard. It’s a skill!  

Cooper and Coco: I learnt that a futsal ball and a football is different, futsal balls are heavier because of the the futsal court is smaller and it doesn’t need to go as far.

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