Thursday, 10 August 2017


This week is Peace Week. Shona and Susie's writing groups did some wonderful writing using our senses around what peace looks, smells, tastes, sounds and feels like.

Peace smells like delicious cookies.
Peace tastes like water.
Peace looks like me and my mum hugging each other.
Peace sounds like crashing waves.

Peace looks like the sunny beach.
Peace smells like chocolate lollipops.
Peace tastes like creamy ice cream.

Peace looks like shiny, glittery stars.
Peace smells like fresh and colourful flowers.
Peace tastes like sticky raspberry cake.
Peace feels like wet rivers.

Peace looks like seeing the world for the first time as a baby.
Peace smells like the wind.
Peace tastes like strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Peace looks like a waterfall splashing down on rocks.
Peace smells like fresh sparkling lemonade.

Peace looks like fresh air blowing around.
Peace tastes like vanilla ice cream.

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