Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Peace week - A Recipe for Peace

This week is Peace Week! The writers in Wanwan and Scott's literacy group have been creating recipes for peace.

Peace burger

Mash 3 deep breaths.
Squash in a rainbow.
Squeeze some calming juice.
Fry a tablespoon of quiet.
Chop in a couple of forest walks.
Add some fresh air.
Pile up some sunbathing.
Add 8 cups of friendships.
Sprinkle a gram of positivity.
Stir in 50 mls of meditation.

Fry over a low heat for 30 mins and enjoy with your favourite splash of communication.

A Recipe For Peace

Pour in some sun.
Combine two kilos of a peaceful day.
Mix in a lot of sleep.
Slice into a bowl your favourite movie.
Sprinkle with a pinch of forgiveness.
Grind a spoonful of positivity.
Mash a handful of hugs.

Slowly BBQ over a sunny weekend with friends and family.

Enjoy your peace.


Mix calm powder into a bowl.
Sprinkle peace signs over the powder.
Slice some rainbow light.
Add a bit of sunny powder.
Drop a lot of cheese right into it.
Slowly heat a cup of forgiveness.
Shake a spoonful of compromise into the mixture with a pinch of listening.

Boil in a bag of positivity and leave to combine over 2 weeks.
Enjoy with your favourite friends and family.

My Peace Recipe

Splash in a spoon of fresh air into a small bowl.
Microwave some sunshine and then add it to the bowl.
Squeeze in a rainbow.
Sprinkle some forgiveness and add a spoonful of positivity.
Pour in a cup of good listening.
Grind some compromise and communication.

Slowly BBQ in the sun by the beach with fresh water.

Peace Pie


Roll to a quite place.
Mix a dash of sunlight.
Sprinkle in a rainbow.
Smooth over some snow.
Slice in good music.


Rapidly mix some wind and shake some forgiveness.
Add a pinch of good communication.
Boil a hug or two.

Start a peace fire, add the rain, and slowly cook overnight.
In the morning try it out with friends.

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