Monday, 28 August 2017

New Addition - Online Math Tab!

You may have noticed that our Blog has a new tab....It's our "Online Math" tab. It sits right underneath our site photo (see below)

Anyone with a school Gmail account can now access "Maths Hub" via our blog, which is an online tool we use at school to learn and practise math.

On Math Hub there are video lessons for each strategy we learn at school. There are games to help us practise our new strategy too. Math Hub has lots of reseources for areas such as Statistics, Geometry, Measurement, etc.

Last week Shona and Susie's math group had a go at "Computer Math" (with help from Nicola). Through our student and Tautoru Gmail accounts we followed links in an email related to our group focus for the week to "Learn It", "Practise It" and "Prove It".

First we watched a video that gave us a lesson on our strategy for the week.


Then we played some games that helped us practise the strategy.

Once we felt confident using the strategy we had to PROVE we understood it by solving some problems on Seesaw.

We saw some great problem solving and enjoyed seeing all the strategies people came up with to solve each problem.

Remember if you are in Shona and Susie's math group and you feel like keeping up the practise at home, you can access lessons and games via your student email.

Keep your eyes on Seesaw to see all the great strategies we will be learning and sharing with you at home :)  

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