Monday, 14 August 2017

Astrid and Helen Visit Tautoru

We were really lucky to have Astrid and Helen come and visit us today in Tautoru. They spent some time with us to help us get to know about the human body and its organs better. We loved having them come and visit us. Thanks so much!


First we got into teams. There were Brain, Heart, Kidney, Digestive and Lung teams. In our teams we had to match facts about our organ from an envelope. 

Then we thought up some of our own facts to go with our organ. We also wrote down some fabulous questions to find out more about our organ.

 Some of our fantastic questions were:

-Why do we have two kidneys?
-What would happen if one of our kidneys stopped working?
-Do animals have the same heart as a human?
-Why does the heart have so many tubes?
-What do your kidneys actually do?
-What makes your heart beat?
-Is the small intestine connected to the large intestine?

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