Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Matariki Legends.

We have been using our character strength of "Creativity" this week to make up our own Matariki legends. Have a read:

Once upon a time there was a shiny sky father and a rocky earth mother. They were attached together but Maui pushed them away. Maui was mad and he threw seven rocks in the air. They turned into stars and that is the story of Matariki.

In the beginning it was dark and gloomy. Pigeons ate sand. Sadly the pigeons died but Tane did not want the pigeons to die so he magiced them alive. They flew into the sky and that is how Matariki was born.

Once upon a time seven starfish went into the water. A rock banged into the white moon. The moon came too close to earth and the water came up, up and up and the starfish came with the water. That is why the seven stars are in the sky.

In the beginning there were seven kites and they flew too high and went into space. They all turned into stars. That's why the Matariki stars shine.

Once upon a time there was a rocket ship and it zoomed so fast that it created stars. They are known as Matariki and they are special.

In the beginning the nights were very dark. One day Tangaroa got very angry because the starfish stuck onto her. She angrily pulled off the starfish and threw them into the sky. The starfish came together and made Matariki. So in June on a clear night you can look into the night sky and see Matariki.

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