Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ko te aha tenei ra?

This is our daily calendar that we are using to start our day. Soon we will be learning to ask "What is the weather like?" in Te Reo.

We have been learning how to ask and answer questions in Te Reo. Our phrases this term are:

Ko te aha tenei ra?                   Ko te aha tenei marama?
(What is the day today?)                       (What is the month?)


Last term we became really confident in asking how someone was feeling and knowing how to answer ourselves. We are persevering to keep using this phrase in Tautoru everyday. 

It would be so whakamataku (awesome) if we all give it a go at home. Our challenge is to try and ask/answer one phrase in Te Reo everyday at school and at home.

Below is a pronunciation sheet to help you get started at home. Learning Te Reo is tonnes of ngahau (fun).

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