Thursday, 4 May 2017

Turangawaewae - where we stand

We have started off our inquiry: Turangawaewae - where we stand with different activities!
One of them is exploring Miramar with map app/google map.

We are looking at maps to find out what does our land look like? Can we find our school, our homes or places we recognise.

We had discussions about what a peninsula is! Lots of interesting comments. Some thinks peninsula is a reserved land (fair enough, it's easier to keep the pests out!)

Many pointed out the airport and the golf course.

Do you know where this is? maybe you can find your house in this picture!

Some pointed out this is Worser Bay School and wondered what was happening when the picture was taken?

There were many wonderings during the process. Do you have more wonderings? leave a comment!

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  1. Wolfgang located Barretts Reef on Google maps and we talked about the Wahine and how it struck that reef and was dragged past Seatoun by the tide and storm.