Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Trees in our backyard

Scott's base group are interested in how Maori lived, worked, and played in the past.

We got out into the school grounds today looking at the trees and what Maori may have used them for.

We sketched the leaves, berries and flowers.

The kawakawa tree outside Jude's office was used as a tea to cure stomach aches and pains. We plan on making tea and giving it a try.

Our wonderings about life for Maori in the past. How did all the trees get cut down? What type of trees grew in Miramar? What animals were living here in the past that don't live here now? How did Maori build their houses without nails, hammers and bricks? How did they carve their boats? What type of buildings did they have? Were there moa in Wellington? How long did they survive for in NZ? When did Maori arrive in NZ or Wellington? When did the first European arrive here? How long was this school a pa site? How long did Maori and the British fight for? What type of weapons did they have? What do Maori tattoos mean? Why did they tattoo their faces? Why do they always use spiral shapes for tattoos?

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