Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Fun things you can do at home during holidays ....

What?! Why do I have to do anything in the holidays ....

Wait, don't worry. Here are some fun things you can do online to stretch your brain while you rest your brain... (I hope this make sense!)

First up - many of you mentioned you want to learn typing. Here is a BBC site you can play and learn touch typing (type without looking at the keyboard) at the same time.
Click on the link

Second - Read some poem written by New Zealand children. These poems are collected from Paula Green the New Zealand poet. Have a read and let them inspire you!
Click the link

Third - another poetry website. Hey this time you get to make your own with some magnetic words. Yes, it is just like those on the fridge ...
Click the link 

Do you have some ideas of what you will do to stretch your brain?
Please let us know!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday Tautoru whanau!

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