Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Magic 'E'

IMG_0026.jpg The Magic …… Letters, Abc, E, Education,
We have been reading about the magic ‘e’ and how it changes words like mad to made, slid to slide and mop to mope. When it is at the end of a word it makes the vowel go from a short to long sound, it makes the vowel say its name.
We hope you like the poem? We put a lot of effort into it.

‘o’ Meets Magic ‘e
Have you met the magic ‘e’,
Who likes to cast a spell?
And change a word with a trick,
It does it very well.

It uses a little trick of it’s own
to cast a little spell.
It changes words like hop  
to hope it does it very well.

It changes words like cop
to cope see now they are not
the same.

It changes words like not
to note so the ‘o’ now says it's name.
This special letter in the alphabet
is bossy can’t you see?  
Because the the way it changes words makes it the magic ‘e’

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  1. What a great way to remember the rule. Thank you for sharing! Nicola