Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Stories with groupings to 10

Sand 1 have been practising their groupings to 10...they made up stories to go along with their groupings of 10.

Once upon a time there were 10 beautiful red swans. They were separated into two lakes. 5 in one lake and 5 in another lake. 1 of the swans missed her friends so they had a play date so now there were 6 in one lake and 4 in another.

There were 4 small dolphins in one swimming pool and 6 larger dolphins in another. 1 of the small dolphins went to see the bigger dolphins to ask if they wanted the others to come over. So all of the small dolphins said yes but 1 was left behind so there are now 9 dolphins in one swimming pool and 1 small dolphin on the other side. One of the big dolphins came back and brought the small dolphin over so now there are 10.

Once upon a time there was 10 dinosaurs and 1 went away to another tribe and another 1 went to join him. So now there's 2 in one tribe and 8 in the other.

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  1. Great number stories. You guys are very clever! Nicola