Thursday, 16 May 2013

Poor Times by Blake

Once there was a lady that was deaf, blind and could not smell anything. There was a very nice lady that tried to help her. She tried to help her by making words on her chest with her hands. She had been doing it for 13 years. She had to go everywhere with her and she had to sleep on the ground beside her. Their names were Charlotte and Katy. Katy was also very poor. Sometimes Charlotte gave her 2 dollars or 3 dollars if she was lucky. After a month and 10 days she wasn’t very poor anymore.


  1. Well done Blake. We are proud of your wriitng. Your Mum and Dad will enjoy reading this when they come back from their holiday.

  2. Wow- that is fantastic writing! What a wonderful story.

  3. well done Blake, a very good piece of writing from you. give yourself a slap on the back

    - someone from matariki