Thursday, 30 March 2017

Powerful Superheroes in Tautoru.

 We are creating some art showing how we have been powerful this term, thinking about character strengths, playground behaviour and work habits. We have also done some writing to go with it. They are work in progress!!


We had fun in Maths today. We were estimating how long we thought a line would be and then  measuring it with a metre length to check our estimations. To start with we were not very accurate. We thought the line might be 5 metres and it was only 2, but the more we practised the better we got. After a while we were guessing the line might be 20 metres and it was actually18 metres. We enjoyed maths outside today.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

International Friendship Day Movie Project

Our International Friendship Day Movie

At Worser Bay School, we are excited to learn about different places and cultures. We have started a project that is linked to International Friendship Day (this is celebrated in Singapore to celebrate collaboration and connections with other cultures). Schools from across the world have signed up to share a short movie about their country. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Estimating to 1 Metre !

During maths this week we have been estimating objects that are shorter, longer and around 1 metre in length or width. Estimating is when you make a guess.


We headed outside and first drew a line with chalk that we estimated to be about 1 metre long. Then we measured it with our 1 metre piece of string. Most of us had drawn a line pretty close to a metre.


Then we spent some time locating objects that we thought may be around 1 metre in length, shorter than 1 metre and longer than 1 metre.

Objects that were longer than 1 metre: our arm span, the height of the door, trees.
Objects that were shorter than 1 metre: whiteboard duster, leaves, shoes, length between our hip and foot.
Objects around 1 metre: some branches and plants, the teacher station, width of some tables.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Playground Games.

This week we have used our character strengths of creativity and leadership to create our own playground games using some of the ideas we got from the games we played and learned last week. First we sat in a donut shape and decided on our game. 
Then we played our game to see if it worked.
In our groups we reflected on the success of our game to see if we needed to change any of the rules to make the game better.
Then we taught another group how to play our game. 
We had so much fun. 
Our games were called things like Pactag, Fox and Wolf, Macaroni dinner, Farmer Farmer, Ultimate Tag Stiff Candle, Chicken Tag and Evil Pizza Man Run.
We now know we can make up all sorts of games if we can't think of something to do at playtimes.

Creating Playground Games

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring different games we can play outside with various types of equipment. 

Our focus this week is to use our new knowledge around games to come up with new games we could play at morning tea and lunch.


We have had to use our creativity and perseverance to help us create these new games. Communicating with our group members and incorporating everyone's ideas has also been a focus.

We think a good game should...
- Be fun
- Be fair
- Have a few rules
- Have a clear end
- Be challenging

Developing and creating games.

This week we have been working in teams to create new games. We have used different resources and created rules.

Today we were given cups and ping pong balls.

We decided that games are fun if the rules are easy to follow and easy to understand.

A good game is a fast game was also our motto!

Our games also needed to have some challenge because we need to improve, develop skills, and move to the next level.