Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Elephant Toothpaste

We have been learning to write instructions. We have written very detailed steps to help people brush their teeth, getting ready to go bed and today we got scientific and created elephant toothpaste.

We had a group of very excited students prepared for the reaction of the century!

Shona was our super scientist today and carefully presented each of the steps.

We sat a safe distance from the experiment just in case things went wild!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Soccer Skills

Thursday is Soccer day. The junior school spends 40 minutes every week working on our soccer skills. The wind was wild this week but that was no barrier for our students!

Great to see students giving soccer a go. For a lot of our guys it is there first experience of playing soccer and they are all getting in and having fun.

Spot the Ball !?

Lots of fun with warm up games. The goal with this activity is to rip the vest from as many people as possible. We are developing our swerving and side stepping skills along with our running speed.

Senior Inquiry - Board Games

On Friday we were visited by a very enthusiastic group of students from the seniors to share their board games as part of their recent inquiry. It is always great to have students share their learning across the school and we were very impressed with how the seniors students included everyone and were obviously proud of what they had created and learned.

We had videos, scratch games and pyramids and links to maths, reading and secret codes of nature.

Thanks to everyone that popped in and we look forward to another visit soon.

Kapahaka Thursday

Every Thursday Autahi join us in Tautoru for Kapahaka. We have been practicing songs that have been part of our .... for a while and it has been great to see our students confidence grow with the songs and actions.

Our voices are beginning to show a lot of energy and enthusiasm as they become more familiar with the songs. We have also included a haka with one of our waiata and be sure to look out for future posts on the blog.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

I Am Connected- Pen Pal Letters

At Worser Bay School we want to be connected locally and globally, so we have enjoyed connecting with our pen pals from Killara Primary School in Australia through letter writing.

We know that letters used to be used so much but not so much anymore. We really enjoy getting letters from our pen pals and writing back. It feels special to get something someone else has taken time to create for us. Our pen pals tell us how much they like it too.

We work really hard at making them special to read and when we write we think about sharing what we do at school and things that are special to us. We feel proud of our letters.

They are ready to go on their journey to Australia!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Games Day

We spent the day today playing board games inside and playing team games outside. We were thinking about what makes games successful.

We got together to talk about and record our thinking. We had to decide what makes a board game or sports game successful.

Bush Builders - Phase 3

We had our final Bush Builders session on Friday and what a day it was.

We had groups of students weeding the lizard garden, the back planter boxes and also over the fence and down the bank.

So great to see everyone excited about keeping our school grounds looking fab. We have flowers attracting birds, strawberries also attracting birds, and tomatoes on their way to making it to our pizzas.

Our students are showing a huge amount of manaakitanga towards our school environment and the animals we share this space with.

Thanks very much to the crew from the Wellington Zoo for your efforts and enthusiasm.