Thursday, 18 August 2016

A time I lost...writing

We have been exploring a time when we lost and reflecting back on what character strengths we need when we do are some examples of our writing.

A time when I lost by Nela

Have you ever lost? Did you feel pretty stink about it? Well I'm gonna tell you when that happened to me.

It was my third cross country race in some cross country series. I heard the gunfire I shot off like a bullet off but it felt like my legs were propelling me back. I started getting lung burn but I kept on going, I past a couple of people but I still didn't feel good.
My eyes were blurry with tears I wiped them away because I would of
felt very embarrassed if other people saw me crying. I stopped
for a rest, looked around at the other people passing me.

My family were cheering me on then I caught sight of flags
waving around like crazy in the wind and they both said finish.
That encouraged me, I ran on and finished the race. I felt so proud
and after all that chatter on about “oh you finished the race” we went for lunch at a cafe.

Cross country by Jupiter

The sand rushed through my toes, my heart was pumping, the sun was shining. I ask to myself “how am I going to get first place”?
It was each year group boys and girls....
I was racing against my friends and I knew we did this for fun.
We did this every year at Worser Bay beach and this time it was a miracle I came 4th!
I was so happy and puffed. I think I persevered and it felt good!

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  1. wow some grate pomes cant beleve how you rote them