Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Music: Shared Writing

We are listening to music...
We have been learning about sound as part of our Inquiry... Today we listened to a range of different types of music.

This is a piece of shared writing by Nic's literacy group:


Music reminds me of
Shooting stars in the night sky
A golden violin on a summer’s night
The moon singing in the dark sky
The funky DJ mixing disco sounds
A 90’s movie with a car chase

Music reminds me of
A giant tornado speeding through town
People running along like a herd of elephants
A volcano erupting with hot lava
Owls hooting through the night
The opening of a Brazilian carnival
Cannon bolts falling to the ground

Music makes me feel
Surprised like bangs of fireworks
Bright like Christmas lights
Excited like a university graduate
Strong like a super hero flying
Sad like a lost battle
Sleepy like I have walked for a thousand days.

Music is spectacular!

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