Thursday, 24 August 2017

Body Riddles

We have been learning to write riddles. During literacy today we shared our riddles with Shona's literacy group. They were awesome at guessing!

Here are some examples

What Am I?

I was in a train when this was what I thought.
How do you think?
How do you write?
How do you do things like drink up sprite!?

What Am I?

I live near your spleen
and spray your food with green
I'm connected to your oesophagus
but not exactly seen.

What am I?

These organs come in two
They're like your intestines
But they make you do wee
But you can never have nine.

What Am I?

I help you think
I help you to move
I help you to blink
I help you to groove.

What Am I?

Sometimes it's a pain
(when it hurts)
It helps you to grow
If you don't have it you couldn't
taste, smell, write or think.

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