Thursday, 19 May 2016

Helping Circle: Student Voice

Today we asked our students about the "Helping Circle"... 

This is what they said...

Kate: In the helping circle, you help each other. I find it helpful because someone is helping me.

Edward: The helping circle is cool because everyone lets everyone in the circle (everyone is included).

Leola: The helping circle is very good. By helping each other we put more detail in our writing. I ended up writing lots more.

Dylan: The helping circle is good as it helps you to learn new stuff and listen to other people’s ideas.

Adam: The helping circle gives me ideas. For example, if we had to write about fishing, other people might know more about fishing and they can share their ideas. Today I asked Ollie if I could piggy back ideas for my writing. He said, “yes”.

Hunter T: The helping circle helps me to spell words. I added more adjectives today.

Griffin: In the helping circle, I know that I can get a pencil and start adding onto my story. I gave Ridley advice to make his writing shorter. (The task was to retell a story in 4 sentences).

Izar: The helping circle helps me to write and helps me to concentrate.

Charlotte: The helping circle helps me to know what I’ve done and I can give ideas to people who don’t have ideas.

Liam: In a helping circle, you get to connect with different people and it’s interesting to see what they do in their writing. We can make changes or cross stuff out.

Jupiter: The helping circle is a good activity for people. It is a good way to learn new words that people use.

Kirsty: The helping circle helps me to listen to other people’s descriptive words . I can use them in my writing. It helps me to spell the whole of the word. Raffy helped with spelling today. I could help her too. She showed me how to skip lines.

Rim: In the helping circle, some people give me inspiration. They tell me their stories. While we are reading, we are correcting.

Ridley: The helping circle helps us to spell words we get stuck on.

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  1. Awesome to hear it guys! Let's keep up all the great helping and writing! Can't wait to read some of your work!