Friday, 8 April 2016

The Purple Crayon

We read a story called, "The Purple Crayon"
By Jasmine
By Angus
This is the story retold by Eva:
The Purple Crayon
By Jupiter

Once there was a boy with a crayon. One night he felt like a walk … but he did not have a path. So he drew a path with his crayon. He walked and walked but he got bored. He decided to draw a forest. He only drew an apple tree. Looking at the apples, he decided to have a picnic, but he had nothing to eat so he decided to pick an apple from the apple tree. Then he saw a cow that had a very hungry tummy so he gave it some apples too. Then a whole batch of cows came and the boy ran as fast as his legs could go but now he was so far from home and it was nearly midnight. He was so tired. He didn’t even know that he had the crayon in his hand. Then he dropped it. He saw the crayon and drew a house with a nice comfy bed,a squishy pillow and the moon watching him in the window.
By Molly

Purple Art 
By Reuben and Jupiter

To start off we folded paper into 8 squares.
Next we painted the top right into purple and we painted the bottom left white.  In between we added the connection colours. After our painting was dry we drew shapes from the purple crayon book. Then we cut them out and stuck them on a black piece of paper.
By Kate

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