Sunday, 24 May 2015

Back Yart

Back Yart!

A frenzy of furious activity, an explosion of form and colour, Worser Bay kids bursting forth with creativity: what is it?

It’s our biannual Art exhibition of course!

The work on display is the culmination of our school wide Inquiry, What’s in My Backyard?


There are all kinds of representations of Flora and Fauna, from prints and paintings through to sculptures and installations, done by students of all ages.  

Begin your tour on the driveway perhaps where we are flying the flags of the future.  Walk through the classrooms, admiring the work on the tables and walls, then make your way to the outdoor display areas.

Dressed up trees, lit up bird houses, bird baths, fish swimming on a fence.
Stitched trees growing, sculptures hanging, flying forms springing from the earth.
Driftwood drifting, lanterns glowing.
Watch out for the skeletal beasts with their sadly jangling bones!

Enjoy and participate in the excitement!

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