Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What is Music?

In five short weeks we will be inviting the community to celebrate in our Festival of the Arts. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to design, create, and celebrate their learning in a creative way. We are beginning to plan ideas in groups along with exploring sound.

This week we posed the question 'Everything is Music' and asked the students to agree, disagree, or if they were unsure. Students then explained their position and tried to persuade other students to change their initial position. After some toing and froing most of the students decided that everything was, or could be, music but it needed some sort of manipulation and pattern.

This clip youtube clip Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers did manage to sway some students from their original ideas and would be a great video to watch at home if you were wanting to continue the conversation at home.

Students were then given a range of 'instruments' to experiment with. They had glasses of water, shakers, tuned pipes, rubber bands, homemade noise objects, and drums without skins and we encouraged to create a range of sounds. The classroom was filled with a beautiful noise !

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