Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Kaitiaki o te Ngahere- Forest Guardians

 Why are native plants important? How are they connected to native animals?

This week we have been learning about native plants and how they are important for native animals like insects and birds.

Last week at the zoo, we learned that insects, birds and trees are connected because some need others for food or as a place to live in. This is a web we made at the zoo showing the connections.

This week we explored Worser Bay School and found lots of native plants like harakeke (flax) and kowhai that the tui like (they drink the nectar from the flowers). We also found rata, pohutukawa and cabbage trees. 

Cabbage Trees

Harakeke (Flax)

Kanuka bush. Native bees like the nectar from the flowers.
We have done some writing about our learning, and also written poems about some of the insects we've discovered.

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