Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Character Day - Gillian and Susie's Base Groups

Today we got together in our Whanau Groups to spend most of our day exploring and using our Character Strenghts.

Gillian and Susie's Whanau Groups started the morning off sharing the story "Beautiful Oops". This book was all about turning mistakes into something beautiful using the stregth of creativity.

We used all sorts of material to create "mistakes" and turn them into something awesome. We added all of our creations to a collaborative mural.

Experimenting with dye. We used straws to blow the dye into different patterns, shapes and objects.

We used watercolours and turned torn newspaper into animals, volcanoes and many other things.

We folded card and origami paper and used the folds to create lots of different art pieces.

Some of us tried this Imagination "Warm Up" where we had to use our creativity to turn random lines, squiggles and marks into other things.

We used circles, holes and other craft scraps to create pictures and mini stories.

And here is the final product...our collaborative mural celebrating all of our creative "mistakes".

After morning tea our group listened to the story "The Most Magnificent Thing" which was all about perspective. After unpacking what perspective actually is we worked in groups to create a movie showing people when, how and why they could use this character strength (you can find these on Seesaw).

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