Thursday, 23 March 2017

Estimating to 1 Metre !

During maths this week we have been estimating objects that are shorter, longer and around 1 metre in length or width. Estimating is when you make a guess.


We headed outside and first drew a line with chalk that we estimated to be about 1 metre long. Then we measured it with our 1 metre piece of string. Most of us had drawn a line pretty close to a metre.


Then we spent some time locating objects that we thought may be around 1 metre in length, shorter than 1 metre and longer than 1 metre.

Objects that were longer than 1 metre: our arm span, the height of the door, trees.
Objects that were shorter than 1 metre: whiteboard duster, leaves, shoes, length between our hip and foot.
Objects around 1 metre: some branches and plants, the teacher station, width of some tables.

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