Friday, 4 November 2016


Every Friday, Year 3 students work with the Year 4 and 5 students to get to know their new space, friends and teachers. 

Today we did a thinking activity called the BAR key. BAR makes things BIGGER, ADDS something and REPLACES something. We brainstormed lots of ideas and came up with some new inventions. Our students are very good at thinking outside of the box.

On the left is Lachlan's design. He was able to make a new invention from a skateboard.  

Students from Autahi came into Tautoru today for our transition time. They did some writing based on the story, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." 

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  1. The story from Autahi based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear is great. In our classroom we have been changing stories that repeat too. This week we changed Goldilocks and the Three Bears. And lovely reading of your own writing as well. Olivia (Teacher Al Yasmina Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE