Friday, 21 October 2016

Perfect Pizzas...

Today we carried on with our raising agent pizza dough experiment. We made one pizza base with yeast in it and one with four eggs in it. This was the pizza base with yeast in it. The dough looked puffy and white.
This is a cup of yeast. It looked like little seeds in water! We had to wait five minutes for it to get puffy and frothy.

The pizza dough with eggs in it looked yellowish and bubbly. It had little green herbs in it (oregano).
When the egg pizza base was in the oven it looked like a bubbly volcano. It wasn't as yellow as before.

We got to taste test our pizza bases. Most people liked the pizza base with yeast in it. It was nice and soft. We discovered the pizza with yeast rose the highest. The one with no raising agent rose the least.
By Clem

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  1. Yum Clem! Can you make some at home this weekend?