Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Performances- A moment in time

Last week we performed in our Music Festival. We have been writing recounts about our show. Here is one from each Tautoru base group...

The Junk Bot Aliens
Tap, tap went the drums, I had to keep the beat up for audience. There was only me and Reuben so if I stopped everyone would know (because there was a small group). The group had to do it 7 times for two days and each scene was a minute. But the time went so fast. We all participated and got a gummy. “yay!”
Our  beat was confusing because every scene had a different beat.
By Jupiter

Story of the Cooks      
My stomach urged me on but my brain said this is going too far.I sucked in my cheeks took a deep breath and plunged into what I needed to say, “this is the story of the breakfast cooks...” I used up all my energy, it all just ran out like it was being chased by a stampeding elephants,like a dam had just broken inside my mouth.I felt like I was going to collapse. But my brain changed its mind and urged me on so then I changed my mind and shot up and down like an arrow stretched and curved and at the end we got a big round of applause.
By Nela

Eagles V Dragons
My brain exploded as it was awesome. Parents cheering and clapping and music playing. It was better than I thought it would be. Fingers pushing, my breath was breathing into the piano. Suddenly it stopped and I was amazed. That was the first night, only seven more times to go. It was tiring but fun. At first I had butterflies in my tummy but then I was  as strong as a soldier. It was spectacular and in my head I thought “isn't this amazing!”
By Gina  

Beats and Haka
Did you ever go to school at night?
I did. I had to perform seven times in a row.It was amazing! There were lights of all colours. I enjoyed a lot the drumming with all different instruments. Our audience was giant! I loved doing the haka though it was hard to keep in time with our recording of the haka. The audience went crazy clapping a lot. Chrissy explained how we made our show.
By Leola  

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