Friday, 5 August 2016

Peace Poems at Assembly

Next week is Peace Week. We will be connecting with a school in Pakistan- a place that is not as peaceful as ours. We have been writing "Peace" poems and will share these with the school in Pakistan.

This is shared writing by Nicola's literacy group:

Peace is

A calm, graceful day

A friendly, open hand

Happiness, all together

Friendship and calmness

Peace is

A serene jungle

A good day

When families come together

Love on Valentines Day

Peace is

Relaxing on a hot, sunny beach

Wedding bells ringing

A world without rubbish

A calm ocean with lots of life

Peace is

Non-violent and no hate

A quiet library

Showing empathy

4 am in the morning

Peace is

Breathing deeply in and out from your lungs

Starry Matariki at night

A smile

A beautiful sunrise

a spectacular sunset on a summer’s night

Reading a good book

Peace is…

A place to understand

Sitting in a spa with jets and bubbles

Feeling the sand between my toes

Snuggling in your bed with your teddy

Sleeping in a cosy bed with soft pillows and a blanket

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