Monday, 15 August 2016

Nicola's Base group practising for the music festival...

We are going to have a music festival. Nicola’s base group are doing a junk  (monsters) bot’s performance it is called junk monsters because they
are involved with plastic free peninsula. Our parents are bringing in
bits of pizza wrap, cardboard, plastic, and lots more! We have made an alien spaceship. We still need to add a few finishing touches on it. We have to cut it out a bit more and stick some more stuff on it. By Angus and Theo

Our music show
We have been practising for the music festival.  Holly (Talia’s sister) gave us a video of her dancing to improve our dance. We have been making our costumes for the show. There has been some hard things.The story is about  kids playing in the park then a spaceship came down so the play kids went away.Then we all do a little dance and become friends at the end

By Eva, Kate and Jasmine.

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