Thursday, 7 April 2016

Naughty Animal Writing

This is our helping circle. We read our work to one another to see if we need to make changes. Our buddies can help us. We listen to our buddies so that we can get ideas for writing. We can make changes if we need to and we learn more about language.

We watched a movie about Brian (the sheep) walking in  the Marlborough Sounds. 

Brian was snatched by a naughty weka, never to be seen again!

This inspired us to write about naughty or funny animals...

By Clem
One day my cat went under the house. There was a door that led under the house. My cat was scratching. My Parents got some food so Dora  would   come out of under the house, but it did not work.  So we tried meat, but that did not work. My mum had to go under to get her out.

By Nikora

One day when I went to my friend’s house we played outside. We went inside and right in front of the door was Mini the dog. He jumped up on me and didn’t stop licking me on my face. I wanted Mini to stop but I couldn’t open my mouth.

My Cat 
By Finlay
One day my cat had escaped from my house. She ate a dead bird. I was very mad at her because she ate the disgusting dead bird. It wasn’t good at all. Then she ate another one. I was so mad that I nearly exploded.

The Weka
By Angus W
The weka stole my favourite toy motorbike.  I had to buy another one. The new toy is even better. It is remote control.  

Naughty Animal 
by Marnie

Nic and the awesome sheep called Brian went on a adventure. They saw a naughty, naughty weka and he scuttled over to Brian. Brian wanted to take a photo with Mr Weka. So Brian got ready for his photo. The weka started scuttling over to him...
What really actually happened to Brian?

Mr Mouse 
by Liam
Mum was frantically opening the draws. I could see mum reaching for the peanut butter jar. She went off to wash her hands. I walked forwards, just then two sneaky eyes approached. Then it scuttled forward. It had four legs, a pointy nose and long teeth. It was a mouse! It ate all of the peanut butter. ‘’MUM!’’ I screamed.

The Duck
By Cooper
The duck stole my train. I loved it. The duck lived very far.

Naughty Worms 
By Leola
Mum was planting broccoli in the garden on a sunny calm day. “Mum, what are you doing?” I screamed from the bathroom.
“I’m planting!!!!” Mum responded.
A few days later…”Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhh.” Mum shouted.
Then I came… “what’s wrong?” I asked.
“These worms are munching in our broccoli.”

The Weka
By Olivia
The weka stole my bag. I got it back. Then I got the weka some food from home. He ate the whole packet.

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